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12 oktober 2017 t/m 13 oktober 2017

12 & 13 Oct: Expert Meetings symposium 2017

Museum Speelklok presents: an annual symposium for restorers and curators, heritage lovers, musicians and historians. This first edition is held on 12-13 October 2017, and is titled '''Functioning Heritage': the future of musical heritage".

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We believe that the musical functionality of our collection is inextricably bound to the collection’s (historic) value: by demonstrating our collection live, our visitors are able to experience the instruments in an authentic way. Therefore, functionality is a primary goal when restoring our objects. The choices our curator and restorers make in pursuing that goal – for instance replacing broken parts with more modern, durable versions – naturally become subject of discussion within the museum community.

In these annual Expert Meetings, Museum Speelklok aims to stimulate the debate about conservation and restoration ethics and guidelines. During the symposium, specialized speakers will talk about many facets of the restoration process when dealing with ‘functioning heritage’: tangible and intangible, mobile and musical.

Already attending:
The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency, Rijksmuseum, Reinwardt Academy, Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, Restauratoren Nederland, Meertens Instituut…

And there’s more:
You could decide to make this edition a three-day visit, by attending the opening of our temporary exhibit on 18th-century bell playing clocks on 11 October 2017.

On the evening of 12th October, there will also be a lecture+concert in the main hall of the museum, about 18th-century music practice (entrance is included in an Expert Meetings combined ticket).

€ 115 / € 65  Combined Ticket: both days, including the lecture+concert (see below).
€ 70 / € 40   Day Pass: not including the lecture+concert.

All tickets include coffee+tea, lunch & lectures for their respective days.

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Speakers and activities:
More speakers and activities TBA.


Optional: Opening of the temporary exhibition Dirty melodies in posh bell-playing clocks


Marian van Dijk, director of Museum Speelklok;
Giovanni Paolo di Stefano, Curator of Musical Instruments at the Rijksmuseum;
Hans Piena, Curator at the Openluchtmuseum Arnhem;
Forum discussion, led by Sophie Elpers, Lecturer at the Meertens Instituut;
A visit to the Museum Speelklok restoration workshop;
     and more…

20:00 – Lecture+Concert: 18th-century music practice
by Jos Koning & Speelhuys Ensemble (click here for more information & tickets (link TBA). Entrance included in Expert Meetings combined ticket)


Marieke Lefeber, Curator at Museum Speelklok;
Clara von Waldthausen: Lecturer on Photograph Conservation, University of Amsterdam;
Wim Diepenhorst: Musical Monument Specialist at the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency;
Forum discussion, led by Sophie Elpers, Lecturer at the Meertens Instituut;
A showing of Times of the Emperor (2010) (with English subtitles);
A guided tour through the museum;
and more…

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