Selfie Automaton

Between April 20 and September 17 (year 2017), Museum Speelklok proudly presents the Romanian exhibition Selfie Automaton.

42 mechanically driven humanoid and animal figures  are set up in multiple different scenes, that challenge the audience to make them move. It is a visual spectacle, where puppetry is combined with mechanical and relational art forms. All with one important underlying question: Who is moving whom?

The interactive exhibition was created by a group of architects and artists from Romania and Greece, to be displayed in the Romanian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2016. There’s a clear link between the moving figures and the collection of Museum Speelklok: the automata are controlled in the same mechanical ways as our self-playing instruments.

Yet, there is one provocative paradox in the mixture we propose. While the old automata were usually objects for the entertainment of the privileged, the ones we host now are, under the same appearance, an invitation to introspection through a soft social critique. The texts in the exhibition are English.
Be welcome and play!

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