Dance moves were shown in the museum during the Let's Dance evenings, from Latin and waltz to roaring twenties and hip hop!

Roaring Twenties dansers op de dansvloer
Roaring Twenties dansers op de dansvloer

Dance project Let’s Dance

The dance project Let’ s Dance highlighted different dance styles and their origins using pieces from our unique museum collection. Making people move is in the DNA of the instruments in our museum. Dancing is something you do together and is a way of expressing your feelings, in happy and difficult times.

Travel through music and dance

During Let’s Dance, visitors were able to watch and listen to the stories of talented and experienced experts, dancers and musicians. It was a journey through music and dance from different continents and cultures, from the roaring twenties and Latin to hip-hop and the waltz. Each evening featured an introduction to the theme, a presentation and a dance demonstration. Visitors were also invited to hit the dance floor themselves and learn the dance moves!


We worked together with many talented artists, musicians, dancers and DJ’s for these dance evenings:
Shailesh Bahoran & IRCompany, Duda Paiva
Spaceship Ensemble
Big Band Utrecht
Marfensel Osepa (k’ai organ)
Natalia Rueda and Federico Stella (lindy hop, Roaring Twenties)
Daphne and Elmer Schrik (waltz, latin)
Ercelle Tatem (Caribbean waltz)
Jaap Dekwaasteniet and the ‘100 años de tradición’ organ
Hanneke Koolen (introductions)