For kids

Museum Speelklok is the most musical day out for children in Utrecht! Watch our calendar for special children's activities.

Kind en rondleider bij konijn in de kool
Kinderen tijdens rondleiding bij konijn in de kool

Musical kids tour

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 14.00, there is a special musical tour for children. Sing and dance along with the best tunes on the barrel organs, musical boxes and musical clocks! No kids tours are held during official school holidays. Instead there is a regular Musical Tour every hour between 10.30 and 15.30 which is fun for adults as well as children.

Scavenger hunt with organ monkey Toon

Go look for organ monkey Toon! Toon hides in nine different places around the museum. The youngest children must look for the right colour for each monkey while Toon has question boards for the older children. Found all the colours or right answers? Then you will be given a melody that you can compose yourself in the Music Factory.

Music Factory

In the Music Factory, children can make their own musical box music. With a stave, a pencil and a pling plong device, you can compose and play your own music! Play your favourite tune or guess the one you composed based on the treasure hunt.

Want to celebrate your birthday at Museum Speelklok? You can! Read more here.

Jongen draait in de Techniekzaal aan een working model