Museum Speelklok's mission is to inspire everyone with the technical marvel of music machines, using the universal appeal of music.

Vrouw kijkt naar het Mini-Componium in de Techniekzaal
Vrouw kijkt naar het Mini-Componium in de Techniekzaal

Our vision: a world where there is music in technology

There is a fascinating world behind Museum Speelklok’s historic music machines. A world where there is music in technology. From its collection, Museum Speelklok makes a positive contribution towards dealing with three major social developments: digitisation, globalisation and individualisation.

  • Digitisation is making the world around us increasingly elusive. Museum Speelklok presents mechanical technology and craftmanship and connects the mechanical and digital worlds. Museum Speelklok inspires people to take matters into their own hands. Through technical ingenuity, you can make the most beautiful things and solve the most difficult problems.
  • Globalisation is increasing interest in authenticity and value creation; Museum Speelklok presents unique cultural heritage in a contemporary context and inspires everyone worldwide to become a creator themselves.
  • Individualisation has loosened social bonds; through music, Museum Speelklok offers diverse groups in society the opportunity to connect with each other.

Annual reports

Our annual reports are available in Dutch only. You can find them on this page.

Who is who

The Museum Speelklok team consists of 22 full-time employees and 6 full-time on-call employees.

Management team

  • Marian van Dijk, Director
  • Connie van Bruggen-van den Hoek, Head of Finance & Human Resources
  • Ebelin Boswinkel, Head of Presentation & Education
  • Stan van Zadelhof, Head of Operations
  • Akkie Groen, Head of Marketing & Communications

Supervisory board

  • Ms M.M. Steba, chairperson
  • Mr R. Nouwen
  • Ms S.G. van Dockum
  • Ms C. Jager
  • Mr S. Linnenbank
  • Mr B.F. Timmermans-Craenen
  • Ms T.S. Leung 

Board of the Stichting Vrienden Museum Speelklok

  • Ms S. Dijkgraaf, chairperson
  • Mr J. Wagenaar, secretary
  • Mr R. van Maldegem, treasurer
  • Ms W. Raymakers-de Koning
  • Mr R. Wagenaar