Tour & Expedition

Listen to the most beautiful mechanical music machines during the Musical Tour or do your own research during the Museum Expedition!

Rondleider laat de speelklokken zien
Rondleider laat de speelklokken zien

Musical Tour

Experience the magic of music machines on the interactive Musical Tour! Our tour guides not only bring the instruments to life, they also talk about the special stories and technical craftsmanship behind all the music machines. Music machines have enchanted people for generations. And they still do at Museum Speelklok!

Hourly tours are given every day at half past the hour between 10.30 and 15.30. The tour lasts 45 minutes and is suitable for both adults and children. At 16.20 there is a shortened tour of 25 minutes.

Tours are given in Dutch and/or English, depending on the group. Booklets in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew are also available at the front desk.

In addition to the regular tour, a musical kids tour is given every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Grootouders en kleinkinderen staan op het orgelplein

Museum Expedition

With the Museum Expedition, you can explore at your leisure and learn more about the technical craftsmanship behind the music machines. Just how do the instruments produce such beautiful sounds and music? In the Mansion, you can also see who these precious music machines used to belong to and watch and listen to a special radio play that takes you back in time. Then immerse yourself in a world filled with gold and glamour in the Royal Room where the most lavishly gilded musical boxes and musical clocks are displayed. The Museum Expedition gives everyone the chance to discover the wonderful world of magical music machines for themselves!

Man en vrouw kijken naar de Clay klok in de Koninklijke Kamer