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Discover our new art hub

Discover new creators and music installations in our free accessible art hub. Talented young and established makers present their installations in a permanent location on the first floor.

Klankinstallatie Mitote in de kunsthub
Klankinstallatie Mitote in de kunsthub

The local and international makers you will see here are inspired by the music and technology that can be found in the museum. It is also a meeting place that we will develop offline and online with various partners such as festivals and art platforms, with space for workshops, performances and artist talks. In this way we want to bring artists into contact with each other to inspire each other and the audience. The art hub is a pilot, so it will be an exciting mix of experiment and quality!

Previously on display were Aircilla by Gemma Luz Bosch, the Klappermobiel by Yara Valente and Daniel Simu, the Robot Flute by Casper de Jong and the Marble Machine by Wintergatan, an international YouTube hit.

August 24 to November 5: Binaural and Fine Tuning by Bart Schalekamp

In the mechanical sound installation Binaural, artist Bart Schalekamp, ​​together with Emilio Timp and Jeroen van Veluw as collective ZwartFrame, experimented with the acoustic creation of tones by means of singing bowls. Inspired by the phenomenon of ‘binaural beats’, the installation generates two tones with a small frequency difference that creates a ‘beating’. This experiment has also led to an unconventional way of working with glass. In 2017, ZwartFrame made this installation in collaboration with Klinkklaar, a partnership between STEIM, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Beeldenstorm, EKWC and the National Glass Museum.

Schalekamp is also working on a new work of art that will also be presented in our art hub on the first floor from August 24. In Fine Tuning he investigates the balanced point of two tones and plays with the effect that arises when they pass each other. The sound is like a rhythm in a composition that is slightly different every round. Due to different shapes and speeds of the wheels, there is no repetition and the installation does not sound monotonous. Or maybe it does?

September 7 to October 29: Mitote by Vica Pacheco

The sculpture Mitote by the Mexican artist Vica Pacheco is part of the Gaudeamus Festival and will soon be on display in our art hub. A collection of ceramic hydraulic flutes that Pacheco made at the EKWC in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands, forms the basis for this kinetic installation. Mitote is a term from contemporary Mexican popular culture used to describe a riot or celebration. Previously, the term was associated with a Mayan creation myth. In Mitote, Pacheco invents a sculpture she calls the Bionic Mangrove, in which zoomorphic creatures produce their songs thanks to the energy of the components of this tree.

Mitote can only be heard on weekdays, during the weekend it is temporarily turned off.