Repair Café

Do you have torn pants, or a broken sandwich maker or vase at home? Don't throw it away, but take it with you to the Repair Café in Museum Speelklok on June 9!

Repairs being made during Repair Café
Repairs being made during Repair Café

Can you have a product repaired or do you have to replace it immediately? This is one of the dilemmas in the exhibition Make it Work. A problem that the makers of the Museum Speelklok collection items also encountered centuries ago, and which is still very current. Now you probably don’t have an organ at home that needs to be repaired, but you probably do have other broken equipment that shouldn’t be thrown away anytime soon! On Sunday, June 9, Repair CafĂ© Utrecht will come to Museum Speelklok to carry out repairs in the museum cafĂ©. Here you can bring electrical appliances, textiles, crockery, utensils and toys.

Practical info

  • Sunday, June 9 from 13.00 till 16.00
  • Entrance is free, if you also want to visit the museum you can buy a ticket at the box office
  • Registration is not necessary