Museum Speelklok receives its 100,000th visitor in 2023

With the festive reception of the musical family De Jongste, Museum Speelklok received the 100,000th visitor of 2023 today. The last time this happened was in 2019, the year before the corona crisis. In years prior to that, Museum Speelklok also received more than 100,000 visitors.

Familie de Jongste bij een draaiorgel
Familie de Jongste bij een draaiorgel

Director Marian van Dijk is happy that the visitors have returned: ‘The fact that we have reached our familiar number of 100,000 visitors again this year is of course a wonderful milestone after the difficult corona years. It is busy as usual with families, school classes and tourists who are very surprised as soon as they enter the museum and hear the music. During the tour they see which music machines were invented and built centuries ago. Machines that are kept working by our restorers.’

The newly opened exhibition Make It Work. Music machines & sustainable design is currently on display. For the first time, the work of three contemporary designers is linked to the historic museum collection. It provides insight into the dilemmas that the inventors of the collection pieces faced in the past and that designers of today face, with the big question: can the key to a sustainable future be found in the past?

Marian van Dijk about the past year: ‘Museum Speelklok is constantly renewing itself. At the beginning of 2023 we opened our own Escape Game. You can crack the code by solving riddles and puzzles about chimes and barrel organs. In the spring, the museum turned into a dazzling dance hall when we organised a series of well-attended dance evenings and in the summer the new Speelklok podcast for families was launched.

Make It Work can be seen until September 3, 2024.