Museum Speelklok is het vrolijkste en leukste museum van Nederland
Museum Speelklok is het vrolijkste en leukste museum van Nederland
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Museum Speelklok
Looking for the most fun and cheerful cultural activity in the centre of Utrecht? Museum Speelklok is one of the typical Dutch sights which is a definite must-see! Museum Speelklok will take you through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments, surprising its visitors every day with the cheerful tunes from all corners of the museum. A fun day out in Utrecht for children and adults.

During a visit to the typical Dutch Museum Speelklok, cheerful live music will surround you from centuries-old self-playing musical instruments. The history of these instruments started back in 16th century in the Netherlands with the use of church carillons. Over the centuries, the general desire of people to be surrounded by music, led to the invention of all sorts of self-playing musical instruments: musical clocks, musical boxes, orchestrions (self-playing orchestras) and the traditional Dutch street organs. All of these instruments, including the famous street organ named Arabier and the so-called 8th world wonder the Violina, can be admired and heard during the lively museum tour. Thanks to the highly skilled Restoration Room, the collection is kept playing and this craft can be passed on from this generation to the next.

Museum Expedition
A recent addition to the museum is the Museum Expedition. Discover at your own leisure the magical stories, technical craftsmanship and remarkable music of the different musical instruments. The museum is suitable for children from all ages! Organ monkey Toon takes children on a treasure hunt throughout the museum on a quest to find his favourite tune.

Temporary presentation: At home in the Buurkerk, a thousand years of history under one roof
As of 2 June, a wealth of stories from the history of the Buurkerk, home to Museum Speelklok, will be unveiled. Common Utrecht folk have been coming to this church since the year 1000. The Buurkerk (neighbours’ church) seems immortal, shrinking and growing, surviving fires, attacks and even the Reformation. Soon, the church was lovingly referred to as ‘ecclesia civilis’, or church for the people – a neighbourhood church. Now it’s high time it received some well-deserved attention! Click here for more English information about the exhibition.

Visitor Information
The free tour is given hourly, at half past the hour, in Dutch and English. The Restoration Room is open for visitors every first Wednesday of the month. Reservations for the Restoration Room can be made via During the Dutch holidays, the museum is also open on Mondays and regularly hosts special activities for children and/or adults. Museum Speelklok is located in the centre of Utrecht, housed in The Buurkerk, one of the largest and oldest parish churches of Utrecht.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00h to 17.00h. During public holidays also open on Mondays.

Adult € 13.00
Children 4 to 12 years € 7.00
Museumcard: free
Combination Ticket Dom Tower & Museum Speelklok adult: € 18.00 children: € 9.50 – Only available at the museum or at the Dom Tower, not online

Steenweg 6
3511JP Utrecht
The Netherlands
T: +31302312789

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